We are your complete billing service.

We follow each charge through its full-circle process. Each Monday, our courier will visit your office, picking up your records from the prior week. These records will include billing data, all insurance EOB's and all payments (patient and insurance), because these will be mailed directly to you. We then get to work entering all charges and payments for each patient and file your insurance claims electronically. Each week we also post all payments received. Once each month, we bill your patients with a statement from you, the provider, for any remaining balance after insurance has finished processing. This statement will include a reply envelope addressed to your mailing address. Past due collections will be pursued with your guidance for up to six months.

We take full responsibility to see each charge through to completion. Your patients will call us with questions about their bills. We will handle the follow-up and research required for denied or unpaid claims. Meanwhile, you manage your medical staff and treat your patients without concern for your cash flow.

Your office will maintain responsibility for verifying insurance coverage and collecting the patient's standard co-pay at each visit. Because all payments and EOB's are mailed to you, your office staff will handle all deposits. For providers outside of our courier's route, we reimburse all postage expenses. One of our goals is to be as helpful to you, as we can.

Our fees are based on a percentage of the provider's gross receipts, not on the amount of the charges or number of claims billed. Patient copays made in the office do not factor into the percentage we collect.

A most dynamic part of healthcare systems

Today, technology encompasses not only the tools and methods of medicine, but has become synonymous with information and the technologies dealing with transferring or moving information into and within our healthcare system. To that end, federal regulations have been established under the HIPAA mandate that specifically deal with managing the flow and confidentiality of information. We work with you to uphold the highest standards of patient confidentiality.

Healthcare Billing Resources (HCBR) is a HIPAA compliant business associate. We meet or exceed the federal requirements regarding electronic transactions and the protection, security and confidentiality of individual health information. We will sign a HIPAA compliant Business Associate agreement with you. We have back-up and security measures put in place to protect your patient data both on and off the HCBR premises.

The software we use to bill your claims is constantly improved and updated to meet requirements for HIPAA, billing laws and industry standards. Since we have used the same software vendor since 1993, we have unsurpassed knowledge and expertise to customize our program to meet your needs. The reports you need to track your practice production will be provided for your review, feedback and insight.

Electronic claims billing. Online claims research. Minute-by-minute data backups. HIPAA compliance. Protected Health Information. Practice analysis reports. Insurance reimbursement analysis. Health care technology and technological know-how are ever changing.

Technology is Knowledge. HCBR has the knowledge. How can we help you?

The Providers We Work For

The providers we work for desire the highest patient service standards. They work in practice alone or within a small group practice, and they understand that outsourcing services will boost their bottom line. These providers want a billing service whose strategy is not to be the least expensive, but rather to be the best value for the providers we work for. In medical billing, being the cheapest is simply incompatible with being the best. Labor is by far the largest expense, so the only way to cut costs substantially is by understaffing, or by not paying enough to attract and retain the best employees - with either approach resulting in poor performance for the provider. HealthCare Billing Resources' goal is to be the best value in the industry by collecting the most for its clients each month while providing excellent patient service. As is true for most things, in the long run, quality is the best value.

Our most successful providers are involved in their practice, attentive to details, check in with us periodically to see how the billing process is working, and request what they need from us to help their practice collect the highest percentage possible of billed charges. The providers we work for are most interested in the health of their patients and want to deliver excellent health care. These same providers know that just as a trained medical specialist is the best person to handle their patients, an experienced billing service will best handle their billing process.

Partner with us and let us put our experience to work for your practice!