We are an affordable and comprehensive billing alternative for medical providers. We evolve with the healthcare industry and use our expertise, technology and innovation to meet our providers’ insurance and patient billing needs.


Insurance recovery is included

We research your unpaid claims. It is inevitable in the billing process that some claims will not get processed correctly or paid in a timely fashion. Our claims follow-up methods are designed to catch those claims and not allow them to be lost due to timely filing limits.

Our fees are paid on the amount collected

No fees are based on your charges billed. Locally, fees for billing services range from 8% to 11%, or are paid on a per claim basis. Because we operate on a commission-based fee, we are motivated to create rapid turnaround of claims dollars. We will set the fee for your practice based upon specific information about your practice. A set-up fee of $125.00 per provider is due at the initiation of the business agreement.

We are available to you and your patients

We can be reached by fax, phone (including a toll-free number for those outside the Knoxville area), voice mail, or via the Internet at www.hcbr.biz. You, the provider, and your staff also have the option of communicating with us through email. ALL phone calls from patients regarding claims or accounts may be directed to your provider representative at HCBR. We enjoy the opportunity to educate patients about how insurance works and how they can best ensure that their policy provisions are followed.