About HCBR

HCBR is a limited liability corporation owned and operated by Chris and Jennifer Monroe. HCBR's staff of full-time, cross-trained employees uses refined billing practices to effectively track and manage claims and accounts with great efficiency.

Jennifer Monroe has worked in the field of practice management and medical claims billing since 1992. Trained as an educator, Jennifer works with each employee personally to convey the guiding values and protocol of HCBR. In addition, she has served as a consultant to numerous offices on effective billing practices.

Chris Monroe joined HCBR in 1999, adding his business acumen and marketing experience to the business. His role as Chief of Operations is vital to the company as he oversees the technological infrastructure, data management and claims processes.

Billing insurance companies and patients with efficiency and clarity is an integral component of quality of care that you strive to provide your patients. A healthy practice will better care for the health of its patients. We allow you to focus your time and efforts directly on patient care while we manage the billing process for you.

Despite the choices available in the area of billing services, we believe there is no competition for our level of care and customer service to our providers and their patients. We do not accept an insurance company's rejection of a claim until we have researched the claim and made certain that the claim truly is "not payable". We will work with your practice to customize our service and meet your individual needs. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your patients regarding their accounts. Thank you again for your interest in our services.