We take better care of your billing
so you can take better care of your patients

HealthCare Billing Resources (HCBR) offers the relationship-based services you seek for your practice. We are dedicated to working alongside you, the health care provider, to maximize your bottom line. While we are applying our expertise and efficiently billing your insurance claims and patients, you will maximize your time focusing on your practice- a busy practice with goals, needs and emergencies. We enable you to control administrative costs and maximize patient productivity.

The services we offer will be shaped around the goals and needs of your practice. In each patient service transaction, our staff will show integrity, respect and consistency. We will answer questions happily and efficiently and research any issues that arise.

Unlike some claims only services, HealthCare Billing Resources is a full billing service, seeing each claim through from the date of service to "paid in full". We provide thorough and exhaustive follow-up on denied claims, incorrectly paid claims and past due accounts. We offer comprehensive information management and complete confidentiality.